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Loch Bharavat 

This is the longest loch in Bernera with numerous Bays and Islands and even a Pictish Broch on the east side and is very enjoyable to fish.

Location: It is located in Hacklete and the North and South ends are within easy walking distance from the road. The middle section of the Loch is a moderate walk especially to the Broch area.

Size: This loch has good quality fish with 2LB plus being taken every year, but can be stiff, although on a good day can surprise you.

Best Areas: West side down to the south end and from the Broch area northwards on East side.

Method: Worm works well but a few big ones are taken on spinner.


Loch Ceannamhor

Location: This is a small loch located to the west of the main road from the Bridge to Breaclete. Access is easy from the road but parking limited.

Size: Fish are small mostly under 0.5lb but a few larger ones may lurk also.

Method: All methods work well here but this loch often gets overlooked due to abundance of other good lochs on Bernera.


Loch Ionail 

This is a good small loch that is often nice to fish.

Location: It is located south of the road going into Hacklete and is a short easy walk from the road.

Size: Fish range up to 1.5lb's which are regularly caught, and the smaller ones are quite plentiful.


Loch Geal

Location: This is a very popular Loch to the west of the road in the village of Breaclete and is within easy walking distance from the Ard.

Size: The fish here are excellent with many of the 3lb's plus being taken. Although in the last few years it hasnt been quite so good probably due to over fishing.

Best Areas: The west and north shore side is best as the east side is stony but fishable with a long case (care to be take on east side with electricity poles). The loch becomes weedy from mid season onwards and harder to fish. The best spots are around the island and the Bay on the east side. The Bay on the North side is full of lillies and hard to fish.

Method: Worm on float or bottom, as well as fly, are good with green colours working best. The float works well as does a Droppen Spinner.

(Aarron Macdonald with a fish caught July 2011)


Loch Mor/Loch Breaclete

Location: This is a large Loch in the village of Breaclete and within easy access from The Ard.

Size: This loch has great fish on it with some 4 -6lb fish taken over the years. Most fish are around 1lb, which can rise well, even in poor weather (good fighters with pink flesh).

Best Areas: The west side of the loch. The island and the bay in the North West (Ceann a Mhoragan).

Method: Ground bait works well in poor weather. Fly works up the west side and a Toby Spinner temps many a 1.5lb fish.


Loch Na Geadraishan

Location: To the east of Breaclete this Loch is best accessed by going in the dump road and continuing out the peat road (which is ok but a big puddle can get your car dirty).

Size: Fish here are up to 0.75lb but are easily caught.

Best Areas: The Loch is weedy and the best clear areas are the East and North West shores.

Method: The South side is shallow and muddy and a worm with float works best.


Loch Na Muilne

This is an interesting loch to fish, with a Norse mill at the North end, but also a few blank days being reported.

Location: It is located just to the North of Loch Na Geadraishan and is accessed the same way out the dump road and peat road with a moderate walk required.

Size: There are good fish here some 2lb and smaller ones quite plentiful.

Best Areas: The south west and west shore and also the north east shore where float works well.

Method: The loch is getting weedier over the last few years so spinner is more tricky. This loch can even work well in North east winds and bright sunshine.


Loch Nishavat

This loch didn't used to have fish on it and in fact its name in Old Norse means "The Miser". However it was restocked about 15 years ago and is now well worth a visit. Fish are plentiful now and you won't leave here without catching some but as the loch was restocked and might not sustain a viable population of fish in the long term we would ask that you return fish whenever possible.

Location: This is a long shallow loch between Barraglom and Kirkibost.

Size: Fish are normally 0.5lb but a lot of 2lb fish have been seen rising in mid loch.

Best Areas: You can fish anywhere you can find deep water so avoid the North and South ends.

Method: Fly works well (Soldier Palmer) here but worm is good also but avoid ground bait as there are a lot of very big eels.


Kirkibost Lochs

Location: Located in the village of Kirkibost near the harbour with parking available. The easiest "walk in" is from the Hatchery building just before the harbour.

Size: There are 3 Lochs separated by short streams and they all have good fish from 0.5 - 2.5lb's and they are fairly plentiful with lighter colours and less spots than normal.

Method: The most southerly, Loch Na Croabaig is worth trying with worm or Toby. This loch works better on the west shore as does the middle loch especially near the stream. The most northerly in the group Loch Gobhloch is in 2 main parts. The eastern part is better on its South shore with good fish up to 2lb taken regularly. The west part is better on its southwest shores and also near the stream on the North side. All methods work well in favourable conditions with Red/Gold Droppen working well in evenings.


Loch a Chnuic

Location: Located in the village of Tobson and is easiest to access by a short walk from the main road to Bosta at a point between the fank and the Croir Cattle Grid.

Size: The fish here are very small but plentiful up to 0.5lb.

Method: Fly and float seem to work best.


Loch a Muilne

Location: Located to the West of the Bosta road in the village of Croir. This is a roadside Loch so no walking required.

Size: Fish vary from 6oz -1.5lb's and are fairly plentiful.

Best Areas: The side near the road fish well especially north end but all of it is worth a cast.

Method: Float works well as does the fly with Butchers taking more than the most.